"Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, make the sage frolic, and the serious smile."



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The Creekside Vineyards Story

NOTE: While below is still the story of Creekside Vineyards, we are changing our life's course by closing the winery. The winery remains open so long as Bev wants to cook up her delicious breakfasts. In 2019 and beyond, we look forward to more family time, and less "have to" and more "get to" moments.

In 2006, we pursued our dream of owning a winery.  We have found the last decade to be one of the most fulfilling, creative, and challenging endeavors of our lives. 

We have cultivated ourselves, our grapes, and our dreams.

We released our first vintage in the fall of 2011 with production and sales in Coal Valley, and we continue to grow and release acclaimed wines each year. In 2012, we expanded and moved the winery to Preemption (and opened a Tasting Room), and in 2015 we completed a 2,000 square foot expansion at that location.  The Wine Terrace and Inn remain open in Coal Valley with plans for expansion at the Wine Terrace in the coming years.

We are thankful every day for our customers who enjoy the vintages, the vineyards, and the Inn.

About Us…
Winemaker John Mital’s background in microbiology grants him the expertise to flourish not only in the winery but in the vineyard, and his incessant thirst for knowledge and reading inspires new vintages and creative business development. UPDATE: John's new profession is now an EHS Specialist with a Midwest Agricultural firm. He is a relentless learner.

Jennifer Mital (John’s wife) continues to cultivate her expertise in the realm of marketing & business; it is a wonderful contrast to her day job of teaching high school English. She loves the creativity of marketing, the cordiality of customer service & sales, and the nuances of small business finance. UPDATE: Jen continues to enjoy teaching. John and Jen are enjoying more leisure time together and with their high school aged son.

Don & Bev Mital (John’s folks) partnered with John and Jen and operate Creekside Vineyards Inn.  Bev’s background as a business owner and her zest for life allows her to host not only the inn but also (on occasion) the Tasting Room or Terrace.  Don’s expertise as a retired Alcoa machinist is priceless around the farm and when helping John with harvest. UPDATE: Bev & Don enjoy their R&R time between inn guest visits and Bev serving with the BBB.

We thoroughly enjoy working together and are blessed to have family, friends, and faith in God.


Contact & Locations

Creekside Vineyards Inn Inn: 309-787-6919
7505 120th Avenue, Coal Valley, IL 61240
Inn open year-round by reservation

Winery & Tasting Room
1667 Highway 67/PO Box 102, Preemption, IL 61276
CLOSED as of 2.17.19