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Winery & Tasting Room
1667 US Highway 67
Preemption, IL 61276
309-787-9463 (WINE)
Th-Fri, 3-7pm
Sat-Sun, 12-6pm

Creekside Vineyards Inn
7505 120th Avenue
Coal Valley, IL 61240
Inn: 309-787-6919
Open Year Round
Inn Reviews

Seasonal Terrace @ the Inn
309-787-9463 (WINE)
Wines, Vines, Music & More
Weekends, May-October

Over time we've gotten some of the same questions, so we thought we would answer them for everyone and anyone who is wondering…..

FAQ #1: How did we get started
Answer: In 2006, we had a dream of starting a business, incorporating our love for the outdoors, science, wine, and working together.  John delved into the world of viticulture & enology, Jen immersed herself the world of marketing & business development, and Don & Bev began their building plans for Creekside Vineyards Inn.  Between then and now, we bought a hidden valley, built our homes, planted the vineyard, constructed a temporary winery, and proudly offered our first wines in the fall of 2011 at our seasonal terrace.  In 2012, we purchased and renovated a historic 1940’s building into our permanent winery and tasting room, expanded Terrace Season, and began wholesaling our wines at various area retailers.  The rest, they say, is history….

FAQ #2: Where can customers buy our wines?
Answer: Guests can purchase wine at the Tasting Room in Preemption IL and at our Seasonal Terrace in Coal Valley.  Our wines are also available at the following retail locations:

  • Hy-Vee (Milan, Moline @ John Deere Road & Avenue of the Cities, Rock Island, & Silvis, IL)
  • Trackside Liquors (Geneseo, IL)
  • Ski Snowstar Winter Sports Park (Andalusia, IL)
  • Pinnacle Country Club (Milan, IL)
  • Oakwood Country Club (Coal Valley, IL)

If you would like our wine carried at another retail location, please contact

FAQ #3: What makes us different from other midwest wineries?

First, we are both grape farmers and wine makers; we believe it is vital for us to understand the intricacies of the vineyard in order to be successful in the winery. 
Secondly, we strive to stay as local as possible in our product. Our wines are predominantly made from Illinois grapes, and we aim to support other neighborhood artisans & their products.   
Third, we invest in our community, through reviving an historic building back to life, to supporting various philanthropic causes like education, medical research & services, and other charitable organizations.  If you have a donation request, please send a letter of interest to   
Finally, we are mindful of our resources, thus utilizing a geothermal heating & cooling system in our home to reduce our carbon footprint, an integrated pest management system in the vineyard to avoid unnecessary use of chemicals, and recycle to reduce waste production.

FAQ #4: What does it take to manufacture and sell wine in Illinois?
Answer: We are a bonded Illinois S-Corporation, licensed by the TTB (Federal Alcohol Tax & Trade Bureau), the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, Rock Island County & Mercer County Liquor Commission, and local Health Departments for the production, retail sales, distribution, & shipment of wine.While each county has its own regulatory requirements, wine manufacturers need licensure from the federal, state, and local governments.